Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pushback Against Christian Homophobia

Yesterday's post (trigger warning: extreme homophobia) from The Gospel Coalition reminded me yet again of the importance of Christian LGBTQ allies. I had no desire and no energy to attempt to respond myself. However, two really positive things have occurred as a result of that post:

  1. The Gospel Coalition and those who align with that organization demonstrated that their disgust for LGBTQ people goes beyond their own narrow Biblical interpretation.
  2. The pushback from the Christian LGBTQ community and Christian allies through blog posts and Twitter conversations with TGC has been amazing.
Below I've listed the best articles I found so far pushing back against this article and TGC. These folks are all excellent writers; subscribe to their blogs and/or follow them on Twitter!

Have you read any other articles pushing back against this article or homophobia in the church in general? Please share other resources in the comments!

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