Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Louis Giglio Conundrum

Today a Christian activist against human trafficking (Louis Giglio), who was invited to lead a prayer at Obama’s 2nd inauguration, is removing himself from the program. (h/t Robert Davis). Why? His LGBT views. He is against same-sex marriage and believes that homosexual people are broken, needing therapy of the “ex-gay” variety. I am not sure if he holds to these exact views today, but he released a statement that he does not want to be the cause of others with another “agenda” to take the focus off a day of unity. I am really torn about this. I am a gay Christian, and I certainly do not agree with his views on homosexuality. However, does that negate the good work he does prevent unspeakable human atrocities? In comparison, me not having the liberty to marry my partner in the eyes of the federal government seems well, petty, compared to those who are sold into slavery.

I don’t know much at all about Louis Giglio, about his effectiveness as an advocate, his other beliefs, etc. The fear I have is that the people who are in this horrible, horrible system will not get the attention they need simply because an advocate of theirs who was initially given this huge platform is now leaving that platform because of his views on the LGBT community. Of course, him removing himself from the ceremony is different than specifically being removed. I'm sure he wasn’t encouraged NOT to remove himself (he may have been strongly encouraged to do so). All in all, the perspective seems very “off” to me. It leaves a bad taste. What do you think?


James H said...

Its all an unfortunate set of an events. I am a Catholic that I guess has an traditional view of sexuality and matters. Still that does not stop me from having common ground with people that disagree in the religous or civic realm.

In the end I do wonder if a lot of this to be blunt is people that want to increase their mailing lists and their profile.

I mean going back 15 20 years to find one sermon?

There are both the right ( which I guess I am sort of aligned with ) and on the left some folks I wish I could just ship to Mars and let them fight it out. On some issues they have no sense of poprtion

Kevin said...

Thanks for your comment James. Totally empathize with your Mars-based solution! I think these days we have a unique opportunity, as Christians, to find common ground on issues that cause so much hostility and resentment on both sides.